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November 24, 2012

My Message to the World

Author: JenniferMaster1

I was recently ask by a friend to take the IgnitePoint Challenge. In 300-500 words, I answered this question: “If I knew I would die tomorrow and someone gave me a megaphone today to deliver any message to the world in 3 minutes or less, what would that message be?”

Stop texting, watching instant movies and shut off the computer and it’s notifications, tweeting and other social media. Get social be truly connecting with other people, especially your family. Spend time doing the things that matter most, the things that enrich lives.

Analyze your life. What are you giving your time to? Are you hiding behind the technology or other vices that make it easy for you to ignore your problems and ignore the relationships that are worthy of improving? Are you holding on to past hurts? Do you need to practice some forgiveness and let go?

Do you need open heart surgery? It’s risky, and makes you vulnerable to have your chest cut open and expose your whole heart. Sometimes the surgery requires stopping your heart, or in other words, giving you tough situations to struggle through that aren’t entertaining or fun and can be downright painful.

Opening your whole heart requires connecting with others, and that takes courage to face the fear of being exposed and open to hurting others and being hurt. Opening your whole heart stretches you to learn more patience, understanding and compassion to those who are not like you expect them to be, especially if they are family.

Whether you are a spouse, parent, child or friend to someone else, in giving of yourself – your best self -you will find the greatest rewards and return. The rewards may not always come in the ways you envision, but they do come, often in better ways than you envision.

Connecting with others requires hard work to search and analyze creative ways to love and serve those around you.The greatest joys in life are to be loved, valued, respected, important, understood and feel that you belong. These joys come from first GIVING OUT the love, valuing others, respecting others, helping others feel important, understood and that they belong, and then feeling you are worthy of the same.

After you allow yourself to have open heart surgery where your heart was exposed and repaired, you may find it works better than before. There may be some pain and lingering tenderness, but these are just reminders of what you learned along the way. Your capacity to love freely and fearlessly grows because you were willing to open your heart and soul to someone else.

Even though you may feel crushed,unsuccessful or imperfect in your relationships, there is no other way to truly feel intense feelings of joy in this life. Technology, social media, addicting substances, jobs, careers, spending money, leisure time, church or social groups cannot bring that joy that comes from opening your whole heart and honestly engaging in meaningful relationships with those you hold most dear in your heart.

Are you wondering HOW to open your whole heart? Get my BEST SELLING book “12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family.”


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2 Responses to “My Message to the World”

  1. Love the clarion call to real relationships, Jennifer! Technology can’t hold you when you’re hurting, can’t wipe your tears away when you’re sad, can’t dance with you when you’re joyful, can’t harmonize when you’re singing. Real people… real life.

  2. Rod Rody says:

    I like this site its a master peace ! Glad I found this on google .