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October 2, 2013

2 Magic Words for Success

Author: JenniferMaster1

Is it really that simple? Are there two magic words to help you overcome fear, failure and weaknesses? Watch this hilarious video clip to see what Bob Newhart recommends to a client about her fears, addictions and dysfunctional relationships. Then read more to see if these two words are the answer to success.

Yes, these two magic words can make it that simple.

I wanted to be more healthy and improve my diet. How do I “Stop it!”? How do I stop the bad diet? One great way was to include up to a quart of green smoothie into my diet every day. I lost a few pounds in a couple of weeks with this one simple change. Because the smoothie is so nutrient-dense, it reduced my cravings for unhealthy foods and helped my taste buds crave healthier food in my diet overall.

So, I simply made a choice to stop my less-than-healthy diet by finding resources such as new smoothie recipe books and attending a green smoothie seminar, and then I did the actions to make that happen.

No, these two magic words do not always make it that simple.

I have the belief that I am a healthy person. I respect my body and treat it well with a nourishing diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise. But if I had a friend who consciously believes that she is a healthy person yet she struggled to do these same things that I do to stay healthy, then her subconscious programming is sabotaging her. She may have false beliefs such as “I am not worthy or deserving of a healthy body” or “I don’t have time to care for myself. I spend most of my time caring for others.”

These type of lies anchor their roots deeply into our subconscious. Although we tell ourselves that we are confident, capable, worthy, deserving and have self-love, our subconscious programming may be winning the battle, and simply telling ourselves to stop our poor daily choices isn’t going to work very quickly.

We may try affirmations, visualizations, gratitude statements, tapping, and even essential oils. But these methods are going to take a long time to work because these methods are working from the “outside-in.” These are highly beneficial tools to use in our daily lives.mind gears

However, if you desire to see change more quickly and work from the “inside-out,” energy healing or energy shift work from a reputable practitioner will be extremely beneficial. Energy work shifts the negative subconscious beliefs from our minds – like pulling weeds from the garden – and plants positive, empowering beliefs. You will find that your intentions to change will come more easily and quickly as you release false beliefs and emotional trauma and failures of the past.

If you’re ready for amazing positive changes in your life that the words “Stop it!” just won’t help whether it be relationship, finances, health or weight issues, book a session or learn more at


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