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May 13, 2013

5 Tips to Heal Your Inner Child

Author: JenniferMaster1

The other day I heard a mother tell her child who was asking for something, “No, you are not special. You can’t have that.” The little girl was crying,Inner Child 2 2013-04-09 (01.35.07-448 PM) and I’m not sure if it was from not getting what she wanted or her well-meaning mother’s choice of words.

It is estimated that 80-95% of adults did not get the love, nurturing and guidance necessary to form healthy relationships, have a strong sense of self-worth and feel confident in their abilities to be as successful as they desire.

You may have had well-meaning parents, relatives, friends or authoritative figures from school, religious affiliations, politics or even the media who played a role in stifling your Inner Child or your True Self. Situations of fear, shame, neglect or guilt can keep you from being the person God intended you to be and hinder you from living life with the fullest amount of peace, joy and love.Parenthood and children education, angry man scolding boy in par

Your Inner Child is begging to be healed. I desires to change the subconscious programming that plays over and over in your mind. Since the brain looks for patterns and tries to repeat them, you may comfortable in your current situation even if you have feelings of despair, sadness and depression.

A significant amount of illness and disease is caused by these stuck, low vibration emotions. Energy work can shift the negative low vibrations of past hurts and trauma quickly and safely. Events from the past that continue to haunt you can be easily replaced with higher, positive vibrations that empower you to be the best you can be.

Implement some of these quick tips into your life to begin shifting into a higher, positive vibration and heal and empower your Inner Child now.

1. Do something nice for yourself just because you are alive! You don’t always have to have conditions such as “When I lose weight I will buy that new outfit” or “When I finish that huge gardening project I will reward myself with a night out.” Sure it’s good to make goals and use incentives to achieve them. But we can love and appreciate ourselves without contingencies. Go ahead and take a break by reading that favorite book or soaking in the hot tub.

2. Have the courage to forgive someone and let yourself heal. Even though you consciously forgive someone, it can take time for the emotional wounds to get better. Remember: Your aren’t changing the past by forgiving, you are changing the future. You are freeing yourself from continuing to carry the emotional baggage that is weighing you down.

3. Do something nice for someone else. There is something magical about putting a smile on someone’s face whether you open the door for someone, mow someone’s lawn or take a friend out to dinner. Giving joy to someone else is a contagious vibration that is sure to bring joy to your heart, too.

4. Grab a piece of paper and write I AM at the top. Then add a list of your best characteristics, talents, skills and physical features. Take this a step further and add those traits you would like to achieve. Look at your list often.Happy children having fun

5. Just smile even if you don’t feel like it. The simple act of smiling is a physical as well as an emotional boost. Researchers are finding that wearing a smile brings certain benefits, like slowing down the heart and reducing stress. This may even happen when people aren’t aware they are forming a smile, according to a recent study. “You can influence mental health by what you do with your face, whether you smile more or frown less,” says Eric Finzi, a dermatologic surgeon and co-author of the study on frowning.

I hope you will use these tips frequently to feel better from the inside out. Now go enjoy your day!

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