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June 22, 2011

Achieve Your Goals: Connect the Dots

Author: JenniferMaster1

I have recently made some changes in my life to improve my overall health and well being. Now I wasn’t terribly ill or suffering from a disease. My weight is normal, I eat fairly healthy, and I’m a dedicated exerciser. However, I’m a huge fan of the word PREVENTION. Just like connecting the dots on an art sheet to see the whole picture, I have been able to connect some happenings in my life to show me the bigger picture to reach my goal. I’m getting better and better every day and feel more ALIVE than I have in years. I want to share with you 3 key elements that have made an impact on helping me achieve my goal of improved health.

1. PRAYER has always been an important part of my daily life. Seeking guidance from God whom I lovingly refer to as my Father in Heaven, has given me personal revelation according to my faith in receiving the help and answers I need in my life. Sometimes the answers are slower than I’d like, but they always come in some way which might also be different than what I would be expecting.
Praying for good health and the guidance to keep good health for me and my family has always been a high priority. We are able to give so much more to others and live our lives to the fullest when we have the blessing of health. I’m not just talking about physical health because spiritual health and emotional health makes the term “good health” all encompassing to me.
I recently had a live blood analysis through some connections in my Nikken Wellness business. I was surprised that the one to analyze my blood also did energy healing. He can connect the scientific analysis to the emotional energy work and be quite accurate on a protocol to improve one’s overall health.
I found that with uric acid crystals in my blood, I was facing the condition of gout and/or rheumatoid arthritis within 5 years. WOW! not a happy thought. I also found out that due to stress overload, which isn’t difficult for a type A personality to place on themselves, my digestive system wasn’t functioning properly to absorb nutrients from the good foods I do eat. I was craving sweets frequently which is now subsiding due to my personal therapy. I also had a lymphatic massage to open my lymph system which wasn’t working well, either. I was able to jog 2 miles with my dog this morning with ease but was unable to a few weeks ago without fatiguing and wanting to quit. That’s just after a week and a half of changes. I believe prayer had a major impact on leading me to new knowledge and strategies to improve my health.

2. MEDITATION* is so critical that I recently heard this is not something you might want to do, it is NECESSARY for good health. It allows the body and mind to unwind and let go of the stress that is put upon us daily. It teaches you how to control your mind which is the planting ground for future actions. As we plant thoughts in our minds, these will come out in our actions. When we take the time for quiet meditation, we can plant healthy and positive seeds in our minds that will bear healthy and positive fruits in our lives.
For me, meditation is a time for personal revelation I have been praying for to come through. When my mind is still and quiet, answers can come that otherwise wouldn’t during the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Words or phrases will come to my mind that will help me with relationships, business, health or my creative writing. Even meditating 10 minutes a day can be very helpful.

3. ENERGY HEALING is so crucial for all aspects of a healthy life. When emotions are unprocessed and cause blocks in the energy systems or when some false beliefs, fear, phobia or habit are stuck in my life from my ancestors, my emotional and eventually, my physical health suffers. Energy healing quickly and gracefully moves the low negative vibrations and replaces them with higher positive vibrations. For me, energy healing has given me confidence and personal power to see the bigger vision in my life and work towards worthy goals. I believe in myself and in my ability to find answers in all areas of my life. I’m able to take the necessary actions to make good things happen for me and others in my life.

The art of energy healing has been around for thousands of years. There are various methods of energy healing. I use the “Simply Healed” method that is a complete and thorough whole energy healing in a 50-minute session. Your body and spirit will release all the negative trapped emotions it is ready to give up at that time.
If you feel stuck or struggle in different areas of you life, book an energy healing session with me. You will see improvements in relationships, finances, overall health, weight issues or other areas of concern. Just go to to book your session, and get ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

*For a great video on how to simply do meditation, click here.

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