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July 26, 2011

Are Angels Watching You?

Author: JenniferMaster1

Have you ever thought that you may have angels who are watching over you on a daily basis, and that they might have your best interest at heart? They want you to be happy, safe and making the most of your life. Angels are not only watching, they are there to guide, protect and help us succeed in our righteous desires.

Just the other day, I pulled my car in the garage after going to the gym. I meditated for 15 minutes to my favorite meditation CD then proceeded to get out of the car, walk behind it and go through the front door of my house. I left the garage door open since I was going to run another errand that morning. A few moments later, a woman knocked at my door and asked if I owned a red car. She said she was lucky that she hadn’t run into it. As it was rolling across the street backwards, she though someone was pulling out of the driveway but then realized no one was driving it! It barely missed her and ended up over the curb across the street and narrowly missed the power pole and the fire hydrant. I thanked the woman and told her I was glad she wasn’t hit. I also said the angels must have been watching this morning.

I had a very grateful heart realizing it could have backed into me as I left the garage or could have hit the woman’s car or hit the hydrant or power pole across the street. I realized that I had left it in reverse gear as I got in to drive it back into my garage. Sometimes when I park in the garage, I have to back up a little so it fits just right. When I did that morning, I had just forgotten to put it into park!

I commented on facebook that angels must have been out that morning. I had a friend who commented, “Holy cow! Angels must have been DRIVING!”

I’ve had many other times when I have felt the presence of angels I know. I’ve felt my deceased grandmother and my deceased father as well. It was as if their presence was right beside me.  Even though I didn’t see them with my physical eyes, I felt the energy radiating from their being. Both of these instances were at times that were extremely sacred and spiritual to me.

Other times in my life, I’ve had stirrings in my mind and heart about others who must care for me. It only seems appropriate that these angels are related or very close friends in some way. Being adoptive puts a special twist on it for me because I have two families who have had members that have passed on and act as guardian angels in the behalf of me and my family. As you can tell, I certainly believe that this life is not the end of us.

I find comfort in seeing a hawk in flight as it reminds me of my father who passed away almost 8 years ago. He loved nature and was the one who pointed out hawks to me amongst other animals, flowers, mountains and beauties of nature. He also told me as a child that the moon was made of cheese. The fun was spoiled when I found out that wasn’t true! My youngest boy seemed very obsessed with the moon as a preschooler. He liked to read books about the moon and look at it in the big night sky every chance he got. It is comforting to see the thread of love for the moon that runs through my family, especially since my youngest boy was only 2 years old when my father passed on. I love to see the moon and remember being a girl sitting on my dad’s lap looking out the window at the moon and feeling safe and loved.

Just as happy positive traits, beliefs, and characteristics can run through families, so can negative fears, phobias, addictions, lack of success, money issues and idiosyncrasies be passed down to us from ancestors through energetic DNA just as the physical DNA we inherit from them. To learn how these energy blocks can be removed from yourself as well as your ancestors, you can check out “Why the Red Heart” tree on my energy healing website.

The next time you feel that maybe you have been saved or protected by “grace”, look over your shoulder or search your heart and you might feel an angel there!

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