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August 10, 2011

Are You in Hot Water?

Author: JenniferMaster1

There’s an old folk warning that if you throw a frog in boiling water he will quickly jump out. But if you put a frog in a pan of cold water and raise the temperature ever so slowly, the gradual warming will make the frog doze happily…in fact, the frog will eventually cook to death without ever waking up.

True or false? Who knows and who really cares? There is a concept to be learned here. This old folk warning was favored by business types to illustrate the point that moving too recklessly and aggressively may leave one with an empty pot, but traversing a steadier course of more gradual change is more likely to bring about the desired result. An example would be in the PC market with a company coming out with a new line of computers incompatible with software written for earlier models may lose a good deal of customers, but one who ensures his PCs are backwards-compatible with older software will have a much easier time inducing his customers to upgrade their hardware.

Let’s get back to that boiling pot of water. What about the poor frog? I’m an animal lover and don’t like the analogy here. Warming the water slowly so the pot won’t be empty (and killing the frog in the process) is a good thing?

Here’s my analogy. A frog is cold-blooded and the pot starts out with cool water which is very comfortable to the frog. As the temperature is slowly turned up, the frog’s body temperature changes to match that temperature. As the temperature gets closer to boiling the frog doesn’t really noticed the grave danger he is in.

So is life…whether it’s relationships turning bad, deteriorating health, unreached goals and dreams, etc. Sometimes things go bad so gradually that we don’t even notice until they are at the point of crisis. Then we go to the doctor or a therapist or pay lots of money that we don’t have to people who can help us make money or get out of a financial pickle! Yes, there are times we need help and we have to pay for help.

But if that frog would have thought more about prevention, he would have been watching that thermometer before it reached the danger point and done anything in his power to jump out or fix the problem before it was out of hand.

If you ever feel like you are hanging on for dear life or just beginning to struggle, whole energy healing is a huge tool to help prevent and remove dangerous energy blocks that can affect your health, relationships, finances and other issues your may be struggling with. It can keep your pan’s temperature at the appropriate level so you are safe from disaster. To learn more or schedule your private session click here.

Here’s some more fun frog facts. What really happens to a frog when he is put in boiling water? He doesn’t jump out. He dies, and he’s dinner for those who like frog legs!

Here’s a YouTube video with a brave frog star and his stunt double! No frogs were harmed in the making of this video!

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One Response to “Are You in Hot Water?”

  1. I like your site! I will keep coming back periodically to see what’s going on.