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November 6, 2013

Are You Licking Old Wounds?

Author: JenniferMaster1

My dog recently scraped his hind leg, ripping off fur and leaving an open wound. The wound failed to heal because the canine would tear off the bandages I had carefully applied and lick at the wound. People have the mistaken idea that a dog’s saliva has great antiseptic properties. But if you look at what a dog may chew on such as dead animals, old bones, etc. or the many parts of its own body that it may lick, you soon realize how unsanitary a dog’s tongue may be.Cruise 2011 018

How many times in life do you rip off your healing bandages to lick your own wounds, causing them to become raw and sore again?

Memories of past hurt or offensives from relationships will always be there, but when you continue to think or talk about them in a damaging way, you are continually ripping off the bandages, licking the wound and leaving it open and painful. How do you keep the bandages on to allow healing?

If you can’t stop thinking or talking about old hurts, you must change your story or your perception to allow healing. In fact, this may be the best remedy for removing the agonizing pain you continue to feel. For example, if you recently went through a break up with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, you can think about all the pain they have inflicted on you and continue to lick your wounds, or you can step back and look at what you did right and the goodness you brought to that relationship. You can love and respect yourself for your greatness. You can also look at the weaknesses that you brought into the relationship and recognize that you have room to grow, and that’s perfectly fine. You can also look for the other “lessons” that you have learned from this experience.

When you nurture yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, you can heal from your wounds faster. When you are energized and healthy, have an abundance of self-love, compassion and confidence, and feel you stand right with our God, the ups and downs of life become more like a roller coaster ride full of excitement with a touch of fear and anxiety.Roller coaster ride

If you work hard at letting go of old hurts and negative thoughts and find they linger, you may need those trapped emotions removed from your energy in order to move on and find greater freedom and joy from the past. Energy healing is an excellent and quick way to release the subconscious programming that is holding you back from living your best life.

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