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May 24, 2011

Be a Bit More Childish!

Author: JenniferMaster1

Growing up isn’t necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be! We want freedom from our elders and power to do what we want with our lives. In the process of living a grown up life and the “real life” we face, we lose some of the joys of being a child.

From my kitchen window one day, I watched a large family at the bus stop across the street. The children were pulsing a fist in the air to get the attention of passing cars in hopes that the drivers would honk their horns. When a vehicle would honk, the children’s eyes would light up and they would grin with glee! Some of the adults joined in the fun, but some stood almost motionless watching the activity.

Do we find the fun in each day or are we like a stick in the mud, motionless and watching the activity pass us by?

If so, one of the following might be your reason for missing out on the joy that can be found in each day of your life.

1. You are a work-a-holic! Who has time for fun or play? When it’s time for a movie or picnic, you might open up your laptop to work on another project! You’re not sure what relaxation is.

2. You don’t want to look stupid or silly. Maybe the fun activity is dancing, and you don’t have the right moves. Maybe the fun is riding a bike, and you don’t like the way we look with a bicycle helmet on.

3. You are holding onto grudges or have hurt feelings because you feel someone has wronged you. You are too depressed to have fun and be happy.

4. You just can’t find anything to laugh at because life is so serious.

Children can certainly find the fun in each day. These might be some reasons why.

1. You are born to play and be dramatic about life. You have big dreams and no reason to believe they won’t come true. Play is your work! You are just learning that work must be part of a balanced life.

2. You dance and don’t care who is watching. You do the swim or the twist or the bunny hop. The sillier you look, the better because your friends are laughing with you!

3. That boy said he isn’t your best friend anymore and doesn’t want to come to your birthday party. It doesn’t bother you because you have plenty of other friends who are coming to your party. It’s easy for you to forgive others, even angry adults, and move on with your fun plans.

4. The average American child laughs 200 times a day. Adults laugh 15 times a day. Things don’t have to be hilarious for a child to laugh. Saying potty words can really give kids a big laugh!

So in summary, here are my suggestions for being more childish.

1. Forget the work project, leave the dirty dishes in the sink, let the dust settle and the weeds grow for a little while, and go do something fun!

2. Turn on some old tunes and dance your pants off! Well, maybe keep the pants on, but give them a good shake!

3. Let go of an old grudge or hurt feelings. Tell someone your forgive them or send them a kind note. Hang out with people who are positive and fun. If you don’t know any, find some!

4. Find things that make you laugh. Practice laughing several times a day. Keep track and increase the number of times you laugh each day. Remember adults average 15 times a day. So if you can double that average to 30 laughs in a day, throw a party for all your friends who need to laugh. For the ultimate challenge, find a way to laugh until you cry!

5. If you seriously have a hard time laughing and being childish, you need an energy healing session to remove trapped emotions and energy blocks. These blocks not only affect your relationships, self-confidence and the ability to live a fully joyful life, over time they can cause physical symptoms, illness and disease. If you don’t understand how energy healing works, study this website to learn more 🙂

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