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June 2, 2011

Beat the Blahs

Author: JenniferMaster1

Do you ever feel a bit like you’re stuck in a rut? You mechanically do the same things day after day. Your energy may wane, and you seem focused on your tiny space in the world. I have a great suggestion for “beating the blahs” and getting out of a monotonous routine.

Let me start with a story about how my family visited the old farmstead where I grew up in Idaho. We went for Memorial Day weekend. I took my kids, but my husband actually stayed home to work on some yard projects. My one and only brother owns the home and property when my 80-year-old mom passes on as my dad did over 7 years ago. So he gets to do the upkeep on the property.

Since he is renting pasture to a nearby farmer for cows to graze for the summer, he had a job of fixing broken fence to keep the cows in the field where they needed to stay.

I had gone to my childhood home to relax by reading a book or do a bit of marketing work on my business and to eat lots of good food which I really did! I happily sent my two younger boys out to help my brother fix the fence. After a very short time, my 10-year-old boy returned to the house without helping much on the fence project. My 13-year-old lasted almost a couple of hours reporting that it had rained and hailed a bit. My brother continued to work on the repairs as I sat in the warm, dry house trying to read an interesting book on intuition.

I felt inspired to throw on two jackets, gloves and my hiking boots and ride the four-wheeler down into the field where my brother was. One of the first things I did was step into some slightly fresh cow pie! Oh, the stench! But the smell wasn’t coming from the pooh pile, it was coming from a dead cow that the neighboring farmer had moved right next to the fence area we had to repair!

Other than the smell, I enjoyed helping my brother clip and tie wires to secure the fence. The sky would show patches of heavy rain in areas surrounding us. However, the downpour didn’t hit us for a couple of hours when we were mostly finished with the job.

It was a refreshing change of pace to do something out of the ordinary and to be helping someone else out at the same time.  If I wouldn’t have helped my brother, he would have most likely been out working in the downpour rather than enjoying some vittles inside the house.

So the next time you need some positive energy and a change of pace, find a way to help someone out. Sometimes it’s not convenient, it usually isn’t, but that makes it even more valuable. Some ideas:

*Bake a batch of brownies and take all of them to several neighbors. (You don’t need the extra calories, anyway!)

*Mow your lawn and the neighbor’s as well.

*Send a Thank You card to a relative or mother-in-law 🙂 to thank them for some positive way they have impacted your life.

*Offer to take care of a friend’s children or older parent who needs care so he or she can have a break.

*Stop and buy some of that lemonade at the kid’s stand. You don’t have to drink it!

There are 101 other ways to serve and beat the blahs of everyday life! Just try not to step in the cow pies!

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