Attention: Christian Couples Who Want to Deepen or Heal the Connection with Your Spouse! Get ready to learn the AMAZING PRINCIPLES and STRATEGIES to keep the adversary from putting a wedge between you, or how to remove it!

(Singles – married or not – are also welcome at this Eternal Warriors training!)

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If you are newly married…learn how to stay connected and keep the adversary from destroying your marriage!

Marriage is bliss – well, at least for a little while. It doesn’t take long before the excitement and newness wears off and there are challenges you have to work through. I thought marriage would be a bed of roses! Boy, was I wrong! Marriage takes commitment and work. After almost 30 years of marriage, I wish that I’d had some extra guidance along the way.

If you have been married awhile…Be that “Couple who Falls in Love” all over again!

Life gets so busy and overwhelming at times! Sometimes couples will work on other aspects of a marriage such as finances, careers, rearing children and other demands of life but forget to work on their absolute essential marriage relationship. Life can wear us down at times, but we need to “gird up our loins” and fight for this most critical relationship!

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Marriage is the heartbeat of the home! You would probably agree that the best gift you can give your family is a deeply loving, healthy and joyful marriage. If your marriage is struggling or needs improvement or you just want to keep it strong, this is THE PERFECT TIME and GIFT to make a difference in your relationship!


Developed by a licensed therapist who has helped hundreds of youth and adults in the Sons of Helaman Addiction Recovery Program, the Eternal Warriors pre-addiction program uses the same principles to empower participants with the strength to win “I-don’t-feel-like-it” battles every day and find success in relationships and all areas of their lives. The self-mastery program has lifelong value for everyone 12 years and up with techniques used by athletes, musicians and soldiers. This special “Married Couples” class will focus on using these powerful principles and techniques to strengthen and heal the areas of communication and connection and increase love and fun in your marriage!

We would like you to able to fulfill all that God wants you to fulfill as One of the Noble and Great Ones of the final generation. We don’t want anything to stop you! We want you to become fine-tuned in self-mastery so you can achieve greatness and overpower temptation. We would like you to be trained to win your battles and discern the subtle techniques of the “serpent.” We would like you to be able to fight successfully with speed, strength and precision. We want you to increase your alignment with the Power of God. We want you to have a powerful and successful marriage. We want you to become “Eternal Warriors!”

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The final battle has begun, and there is only ONE ENEMY! It’s not yourself or your spouse!!! The adversary desires to ruin as many marriages as he possibly can! Imagine what would happen to your life and your family if your marriage were to fail! Satan loves to see the destruction of families. In order to win, proper training is critical. A 72-hour kit of temporal supplies may prove valuable, but a 24-hour kit of spiritual and mental preparation is of greater and more enduring value. Learn the enemy’s new methods of attack and the vital tools and skills needed in every warrior’s “Last Days” Survival Kit. This SPECIAL ETERNAL WARRIORS COUPLE TRAINING will be tailored to address the marriage relationship as well as personal self-mastery development. This training is critical for your marriage relationship and the success of your family. You can also teach these amazing skills and tools to your children!

Check out the Top 10 Reasons to be Trained as an Eternal Warrior:

1. Reduce STRESS
2. HEAL Relationships
3. Make New FRIENDS
4. Receive Group SUPPORT
5. Accomplish GOALS – Live Life ON PURPOSE
6. Gain AWARENESS to Win Daily Mind BATTLES
7. Be Trained by CARING Certified Mentors
8. Increase EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL Strength
9. Learn the PSYCHOLOGY behind Negative Influences
10. Get TOOLS like Spiritual Muscle Memory that Last a Lifetime



8 Week Class

Each Thursday 7–9 PM (MDT) beginning March 10 through April 26, 2016

(Due to business travel, March 24th class will be Wednesday, March 23rd)

(Classes will vary from 90-120 minutes each.)

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Heal and improve your relationship in a safe, fun and relaxing online environment using proven psychological techniques combined with spiritual principles! This could change your life FOREVER!


Here’s what a few students say about the Eternal Warriors Training:


“Truly inspirational and LIFE CHANGING! Seriously worth the time commitment!” ~Jennifer H.

“After having been married nearly 28 years, sometimes the marriage waxes and sometimes wanes. We’ve been in a season of waning and needed a project together to help us grow. I’m personally grateful to have a project to work on together. My internal growth has been a boost to our marriage, and you need that from time to time. Thank you, Andy and Jennifer!” ~Steve M.

“The information contained in this class…combines brain chemistry and scripture to help us understand addictive behaviors and the battle to free ourselves of them – and let’s face it, we all have some form of addiction. I personally needed this class, but I was also looking for information to help me as a mom. Now that I’m in the class I can tell you that it’s more than just these things. Personally, I’m finding renewed energy to face the battle against the adversary, and I’m being given both better understanding of the battle with Satan and tools to be a more powerful warrior in the battle. We are more focused on our strengths as a family and as individuals. Whether you feel weak or strong, there is something in this class that is valuable for our ability to defend and strengthen individuals and families!” ~Amy H.

“The Eternal Warriors class is so worth it for anyone who is looking to strengthen themselves spiritually and who want to strengthen their marriage! The things I learned gave me greater focus and meaning to my prayers and scripture study, such that I found myself gaining new spiritual insights and finding answers to prayers almost every day – something I haven’t really experienced before! The class also provides tools that, when applied sincerely, give you more power to win your daily battles against the adversary. My husband and I had goals we worked on together which has brought us closer together, reduced contention and brought more peace into our home. I am very grateful to have been part of this training and plan to use what I learned from now on.” ~Jessi C.

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Cost – $899 per couple

2016 Empowerment Special:

$299 per Couple

$199 Individual


Each person receives:

*8 Powerful Online Training Classes

*Achievement Tracker – (downloadable pdf)

*Facebook Support Group

*Access to Recordings during Training


Samurai silhouette


($75 value  – one per couple or $50 for individual registration)

EW journal

*Man and Girl PoWeR Journals

*4 Hour training video

*25 Audio Recordings

*Best-selling BOOK & downloadable AUDIO BOOK “Like Dragons Did They Fight”







INDIVIDUALS PRICE (Married or not) – $199

No refunds for missed classes. Recordings will be sent via email and available for the duration of the 8 week training. Register at least one week prior to class start date to receive workbooks by first class. Registration deadline is the day before class starts.

Click for Registration Choices

Questions? Contact Jennifer at

Meet your POWERFUL TRAINERS with a marriage of almost 30 years!

JENNIFER JONES SMITH is a best-selling author, speaker, certified energy healing practitioner, certified Eternal Warrior trainer and family relationship expert. Shesoft Andy & Jenn has a degree in Professional Child Care from BYU/Idaho, previously Ricks College. She loves gourmet cooking and spending time in nature.

ANDY SMITH is an inspiring speaker and healing mentor with over 5 decades of life experience and over 20 years of working with families. He is a certified Master Eternal Warrior trainer. He has served in leadership positions with the youth and the Boy Scouts of America organization. As a Master Gardener, he enjoys providing organic produce for his family and neighbors.

They are the parents of 6 children and grandparents to a bunch of beautiful grandchildren. At “Be the True U,” their healing mentoring business, they created a True U Marriage Academy to help married couples uncover the source of conflict and contention to emotionally heal, connect and create rock-solid relationships!




Watch this fun and heartfelt video, and then join this Warrior Training to learn amazing tools and principles to protect and strengthen those relationships most precious to you!


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