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August 5, 2011

How Much Pie Do You Want?

Author: JenniferMaster1

The other day I bought half a pie from the Lion House Bakery which has wonderful pies! The raspberry cream pie had a custard style base so my family didn’t like it, except for me.  No problem! I enjoyed it and took the last piece to my mom.

So what if my family would have wanted some of that pie and I ate it all anyway? What if I was thoughtful and made sure that everyone who wanted pie had some even if I had to buy more pie?

If someone obtains prosperity and wealth in life, it could be that they obtained it like the first question about the pie. If it was obtained by taking more than their share – you got more so someone else gets less – then this is a COMPETITIVE plane. However, if you obtain wealth by adding some pie to the outer rim of your piece, increasing the diameter of the pie; and because ‘Nature Abhors a Vacuum’, the rest of the pie gets filled in, by law, and a bigger pie is created for everyone. So as you operate in the CREATIVE plane, you make your piece bigger, and the pie grows larger for everyone!

To illustrate this better, I will share how Leslie Householder explains this in her book “Hidden Treasures” (Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters) which I highly recommend.

How does it work? Here’s an example. At one time I decided to conduct my first workshop to teach these principles.It began with a simple idea. As I continued in that thought, I was led to reserve a conference room at a local hotel. I ordered refreshments. I provided materials. I used gasoline in my car. I hired a babysitter. I picked up presentation materials at the local office supply store, and on the day of the presentation, when we paused for a lunch break, I ate out with my husband.

I was compensated for conducting the workshop. Did I compete with anyone for the revenue? No. Did I increase the size of the pie for anyone else? Well, let’s see. Let me list some of the people who benefited financially from my effort:

Hotel owner – Caterer – Materials producer – Gas station owner – Babysitter – Restaurant owner

…and even the participants came away filled to overflowing with information and skills to give them the power to prosper. Win, win, win, win, win, win, and win…all the way around! There are no losers. As if the prosperity materialized out of thin air, we all came away from the experience just a little wealthier.

We can learn to be creative, and live in peace knowing that our needs can be met without diminishing anyone else’s portion. This is in harmony with God’s Universal Laws.

If you feel you aren’t even getting your fair share of the pie, you may have some energy blocks about finances and money. They may even be passed to you from your ancestors through the generations. To quickly and easily learn more about how to book a session and have these energy blocks removed in a graceful non-invasive way, click here.

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