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July 10, 2013

How much Effort to Achieve a Dandelion Fluff Wish?

Author: JenniferMaster1

My husband chose a fun hiking trail for our family on the 4th of July this year. The hike was over 11 miles long. I told my husband that next time perhaps we should take a 6 mile (or less) hiking trail! While we were on the hike, I noticed some beautiful dandelion fluff balls. As a child you may have made a wish and then blew the fluffy seeds through the air hoping your wish would come true.Dandelion in the wind

I made a wish and blew the fluff into the mountain air thinking if all the seeds released from the flower that my wish would come true for sure. But four or five of the fluffs were still stuck on the flower’s middle disk. Alas! Would my wish come true?

I blew harder, but the fluff didn’t budge. Finally after several attempts to blow the seeds off, I decided that I could remove the last few seeds with my fingers. Yes! That would represent God’s assistance in helping me achieve what I had just wished for. I had wished for something very grand and lofty, so surely I would need God’s assistance in making my wish come true.

Pleased with that thought, I trudged up the trail with my heart pounding and my legs muscles burning and anticipated how much easier it would seem when I returned to this part of the trail and would be going downhill instead of uphill!

As I thought about my wish, I realized that I had it all backwards. The small seeds that were stuck on the fluff ball and removed by my fingers were the part that represented what my work and effort would be towards my wish. God’s contribution to my wish would be the large part of fluff that blew off easily with my first breath.

He is the creator of the universe, the earth, and me. All I have and am comes through Him. All the treasures and resources, and my very breath are from His goodness and grace. I am totally indebted to Him. My efforts in any success in life are largely dependent on all the wonderful things He has given me to use wisely and bless the lives of others. Any achievements I make in my life are done by my own meager efforts in combination with the bounteous blessings God has given to me.Beautiful Jennifer-51

Sometimes we rely so much on our own merits and talents to achieve dreams and goals in life. However, when we acknowledge the power and infinite blessings that God has for us, we realize how small and insignificant our efforts truly are. In our efforts to achieve, we may leave God out of the picture. Placing our trust and faith in Him will bring us so many unimaginable blessings in His own due time with a little patience and hard work on our part.

You may be wondering what my dandelion fluff wish was. It is a very tall order. My wish is to influence over a million women for good and to improve their lives for the better. How will I do it? God knows the answer. In the meantime, maybe I should find another dandelion fluff ball to blow into the wind!


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