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Are you ready to experience the Trauma-D Technique to Reduce Stress and Heal Yourself? If you missed the webinar training, click the video below to view.



Trauma Vid

(If the video doesn’t work, email to request the direct link.)

Trauma can cause havoc for years as it usually doesn’t filter through our rational mind in a verbal, conscious way. Rather, it is stored in the sensory mode of our brain and even cells within our body. The Trauma-D technique down-regulates the automatic nervous system by training it to shift from the fight, flight or freeze chemicals released from the sympathetic nervous system to the growth and healing chemicals from the parasympathetic nervous system. Within a matter of weeks, trauma related to past events, relationships and even addictions are able to be released from doing this technique 5-10 minutes a day. Those who use the technique have reported feeling calmer, less overwhelmed, more present in each moment and overall happier.

A nurse, who was skeptical about something that is not within traditional medical treatment for anxiety, said that within a few days of using the technique others noticed she seemed more cheerful. She attributed the difference to releasing emotional trauma from the past. A young man who struggled with pornography addiction (which is a trauma to the brain) reported he had gone 30 days without viewing porn after using the technique, while prior to that he had only been able to last 15 days without succumbing to the addiction. Others have released generational patterns or even trauma that occurred in the womb.

trauma strap goldThe $25 Starter Kit Includes:muscle vid pic

  • The Trauma-D Instruction Guide
  • Anchor Straps
  • Demo Video Link
  • Mini Series 3 Basic Muscle Testing Videos
  • Facebook Support Group


This is several days (and hundreds of dollars) of instructional seminars condensed into a kit that’s easy to use and understand!


Trauma-D is super-safe and effective and is based on scientific physical principles. However, sometimes you might feel you need a little direction as to what traumas or negative events you would like to work on to down regulate your nervous system. An energy healing session is the perfect way to find and understand what needs to be worked on, plus energy healing will clear many issues in one easy 50-minute session.

Here’s a recent email from a client: “I have felt a HUGE shift in energy in ALL my relationships. So many positive things have happened. Your clearing worked wonderfully. I had a ton of revelations come to me as what I did to trigger someone else’s bad behavior. I’m not taking responsibility for their actions. Just mine. I’m seeing a bigger picture than me being a victim. I feel empowered and not stuck anymore. So much hope!” To learn more about energy healing check out the FAQ page here: ENERGY HEALING FAQ.



You can choose your Trauma-D Starter Kit alone or add an energy healing session for a 20% discount off the normal price! This is shipped via United States Postal Service so put your best MAILING ADDRESS in the Pay Pal notes. Price includes shipping. For questions regarding the kit or energy healing, email

Choose Kit & Optional Energy Session


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