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March 25, 2011

Overeating? 5 Tips to Curb the Urge

Author: JenniferMaster1

There are plenty of reasons to overeat. One might be that you like food. That’s a good thing! It’s important to have a healthy connection to food. Food fuels our bodies with nourishment and energy. Food sustains us, repairs our bodies and is just plain enjoyable!

When we have a healthy connection with food, we feel that food is our friend not our foe. Maybe often or only once in awhile, we might overeat. Here are some helpful tips to curb the urge.

1. Analyze your diet to see where you can improve.

A healthy diet included fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats and the amounts should be in that order from the greatest to the least. The typical American diet eats way too much meat. Also, even though you may eat plenty of calories from junk food, you are still starving your body. Too much junk food (which is empty calories) causes your body to crave more food, but REAL food that has important nutrients your body needs. Supplements in a diet don’t make up for a poor diet.

2. Opt for smaller more frequent meals and snacks. This way your blood sugar doesn’t drop so dramatically which may cause you  to overeat or grab something quick and unhealthy. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks within your daily caloric needs is a healthy plan and keeps your metabolism revved up and working as well. You “breakfast skippers” are making your metabolism slow down by not eating breakfast, and you’ll be sluggish and less productive in the morning hours and probably ravenous by lunch time!

3. Prepare healthy snacks or salad items so you have something quick and easy when hunger strikes. Cut fresh veggies for snacks or salads and refrigerate in air tight containers. Make or buy low-fat dressing or dip. Slice cheese equivalent to 100 calorie sticks. (White cheese has less fat and calories.) My favorite afternoon snack is muenster cheese with Triscuit crackers. Cottage cheese with a little chopped tomato, onion salt and fresh or dried basil on a rice cake makes a high protein and low fat snack. Wash fruit ahead of time so it’s ready for munching. (Don’t wash berries until you’re ready to eat them as they will ripen too fast.)

4. Social eating can be challenging. If there will be a party or special dinner with extra calorie-laden type foods, you can cut your daily caloric intake before attending the social event so you can enjoy a little celebration. The danger is when there are too many social events that show up around your waistline. Then you will have to use strategies such as drinking lots of water before the socializing or staying away from the dessert bar. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself occasionally, but figure out when it starts being too much such as too many business parties, family events or holiday time.

5. Reduce stress. I tend to overeat when I’m stressed. Yet, I had a friend who ate less when she was stressed. Her way was possibly a bit more healthy unless she was stressed too frequently. For overall health, reducing stress is a great thing anyway. For a few ideas on reducing stress check out this article “Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers – Why Do We?”

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