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Beauty Package Northern Utah

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When you walk in public past woman after woman, it is unfortunate that our society has conditioned you to subconsciously categorize each woman, or even worse…you compare yourself to them. You see short and tall, thin or curvy, fashionable or completely laid back women. Sadly, you might have thoughts like, “Oh I would be happier if I looked like….” or “I would be more beautiful if…” Well, My Beauty Campaign is on a mission to remind you that every single woman is beautiful, and we are redefining the definition of ‘Beauty.’ Beauty should no longer be a description of outward appearance that society advertises. A beautiful woman is a woman who FEELS beautiful and your beauty shines brightest when you are happy with yourself today. My Beauty Campaign offers a unique, photographic experience to help your build your self-esteem and body image through a Beauty Transformation. Unlike many products in the beauty industry, our main focus is not changing your physical appearance or objectifying your body, but rather improving how you feel about yourself and reminding you that you are beautiful today because you are ‘You.’ After your unforgettable journey, you will be able to say,

“I am Beautiful.” 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug“I used to want to be a model, you know, like one of those super models who always look fantastic. Well, they don’t always look fantastic. In fact without the right makeup, lighting and styling, they can look quite plain. During my beauty session I felt like a beautiful model. Beauty comes from the inside and radiates to the outside. Even though I’m not a young mom and have become a young grandma, I can view these wonderful photos to remind me of my true beauty and worth. The photos from my session become the images of how I see myself in my mind’s eye – full of life, beauty and love.”    – Jennifer




Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug


My Heartfelt Healing and Magical Photography have teamed up to give you an incredible deal so you will be able to feel totally beautiful inside and out!


With the My Beauty Campaign Energy Shift Combo you will receive:


*Remove limiting beliefs from the past that hinder your success

*Enhance self-esteem and self-worth

*Boost confidence in your body image

*Love, appreciate and approve of yourself

*Improve relationships with your loved ones

*Love your beautiful body

*No longer worry about comparing yourself to others

*Celebrate the beauty of yourself as well as those around you

*Be happy and at peace with yourself


A Beauty Session alone costs $200!

This package deal includes ALL of the following

for only $200:


* A full 50-minute Energy Shift Session to reprogram the subconscious

and remove limiting beliefs (by phone or in person)

*Beauty Transformation Workbook (by mail)

*A 90-minute Beauty Session Photo Shoot

*Low Resolution Files of Beautifully Enhanced Images

*1 – 5×7 Print of Your Choice

*Facebook Cover Photo Art of Best Images


Sign up TODAY for your Amazing Beauty Transformation!


This offer is for a limited time ONLY.


(This offer is for Northern Utah Location only as the photo session must be done on location.)

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