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Magnetic Energy


If you have ever wondered if magnets work for health and wellness, they do! As an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant, Jennifer has been using magnets for health and well being since April 1996 when she and her husband Andy invested into a “Wellness Home” solely for improving their health and preventing health challenges in the future.
The “Wellness Home” concept consists of clean air, pure, energized water for hydration, nutrition, exercise & energy, rest and improving self. The ‘energy’ part of the wellness home has to do with magnets which are in a sleep system, water system, and devices to wear in footwear, as fashionable jewelry or as pads anywhere on the body.
Nikken has been the world’s top research and development company for health and wellness products. They are the pioneer in magnetic technology, launching their business in 1976 with a simple technology called ‘magsteps’ to be worn in the shoe for more balance, strength and energy. This one product made them the fastest growing direct marketing company in the history of Japan. The only companies to have grown faster are IBM and McDonald’s.
Jennifer’s husband, Andy, noticed big changes in his health after implementing magnetic technology into his life. His sleep dramatically improved overnight, he lost weight and within six weeks, his lower back discomfort was nearly gone.

Magnets ( therapeutic grade, not refrigerator magnets as there is a difference) can decrease healing time, reduce swelling and bruising, relax stressed, tired muscles, reduce discomfort in the body due to injuries, cramps, muscles spasms, etc. with no negative side affects. Magnetic energy can loosen a tight muscle and allow nutrients and oxygen into that area so the body can do repair and maintenance to heal itself.

Magnets  increase circulation from the inside out which has been shown in studies to give as much or better relief to diabetic neuropathy patients than traditional medical treatments. Users have had reversal of diabetic neuropathy or greatly reduced the symptoms, and don’t forget the preventative aspect of good health!

Magnets work well for 75-80% of the population. Animals also respond to the benefits of magnets.

Jennifer lost weight also and had more energy than she had in years. The sleep system, air and water systems and nutritionals were all beneficial for her. However, she couldn’t wear the shoe inserts (magsteps), wear the magnetic jewelry or use the high-tech PowerMag massage tool without feeling strange or “off kilter”. A physical therapist friend who was familiar with muscle testing and meridian work found that Jennifer had 9 or 10 energy meridians blocked. Magnets put more energy into the body which is normally a good thing. However, imagine increasing the energy of your car from 10 miles an hour to 55 miles an hour and then hitting a brick wall! Using the magnetic technology caused Jennifer’s energy to hit “brick walls” or blocks in her energy flow.

Using some tapping techniques given to her by the physical therapist, Jennifer was able to use the stronger magnetic technologies for an hour or so at a time and feel fine. It wasn’t until she learned about whole energy healing, that she was able to clear all the blocks in her energy systems, including the meridian system. Now she can use the technologies with no problem. In fact, the PowerMag is one of her favorite tools and helped tremendously with soreness from chiropractic treatments.Biaxial-Powermag

Magnets are a great addition to whole energy healing therapy. They naturally and safely keep the energy or “Qi” (chee) flowing throughout the energy systems. This can reduce blocks or low negative vibrational energy greatly. You will find that energy healing will still be needed occasionally because “life happens”. However, some great tools for balance, strength, energy and stress-reduction are an important component to anybody’s “Wellness Home”.

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