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Here are some of my favorite magnetic products. There are more varieties on my other website link (see below).

MAGBOY – An awesome massage tool that requires no electricity or batteries. Great for on the go! My family took a very long hike one summer. My 7-year-old boy’s legs were cramping up coming down the mountain to camp. We use the MagBoy every 10 minutes or so just so he could return to camp. It was a real lifesaver!magboy_in_case


POWERMAG – A high tech massage tool that uses batteries or adapter cord (can order with or without cord). Adjustable power intensity to relax even the deepest tissues or injuries. Medium to low intensity recommended for superficial injuries or sore muscles. High power recommended for working deep into the bones or back muscles. Biaxial rotation sends the energy in a circular motion around the body and energizes the whole body. It’s so easy to give anyone a great massage with this tool!


MAGSTEPS – Nikken’s first magnetic technology! The bumps are for the reflexology points on the bottom of the feet. You can turn them over and still get the full benefit of the magnetic technology. These are made with high quality materials. I had a man tell me his lasted over 10 years before wearing out!

MagStrides are a softer, foamier version for sports, hiking, active people or someone who wants a “cushier” version. These will wear out slighter sooner than the MagSteps because of the softer material.magsteps_1

My friend was a server in a restaurant and, of course, was on her feet almost the whole time she was working. Another friend who is a mechanic stands on a concrete floor all day. Within a day or two, both of them noticed a huge reduction in their feet, legs and shins being tired and achy by the end of a work shift! They had less discomfort and more energy!




BACK FLEX – Anyone with lower back discomfort should try this favorite magnetic pad. Users have reported relief within hours, days or weeks of using this. It’s also great for stomach cramps or asthma or breathing problems when applied to the chest. Although they are very durable, my husband has just about wore his out from using the past 5 years!back flex

If you are interested in purchasing the Nikken Magnets click here. Click on the “Click Here to Shop Now” in the white bar on the right hand side of the page if you live in the US or Canada.

(Also, if you are outside the United States and Canada, you will want to go to to search for purchasing these technologies in your own country.)

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