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March 10, 2014

Release Emotions to Release Back Pain

Author: JenniferMaster1

My lower right back was extremely uncomfortable as I watched a movie with my family on Saturday night. I thought my back pain could have been from sitting in a meeting 2 hours the night before and then sitting for over 5 hours at a workshop the next day, and that time, the chair was hard and uncomfortable. I was frustrated to be in pain because I had just received my monthly muscle therapy massage the day before.backpain

I went to bed and slept quite well until about 4:30 am when I awoke with my back pain saying, “Bad morning to you!” Fortunately, I remembered an article by a doctor who took a holistic approach to her work. Dr. Judi had shared the following in her blog article.

I had intermittent and severe low back pain from the time I was 16 until I was over 40. At times I could barely walk. I tried multiple treatments, many helped, but none resolved the pain.

After becoming a physician, I read a book by John Sarnos, MD, called “Healing Back Pain.” His experience was that over 90% of back pain is caused by the physical reactions to suppressed emotions. His treatment was simple: feel the emotions. He said that the issue causing the emotions didn’t have to be resolved; often we have no control over the problem. But when we allowed ourselves to feel the emotional pain, then we wouldn’t have to feel the pain in our backs.

I went back to my diary that I had kept when I was 16. I found out that two weeks before my back pain started, my first serious boyfriend had broken up with me. I realized that I didn’t know how to deal with the pain of my teenage heart, so I had suppressed it and it went to my back. I took time to allow myself to imagine myself at 16, and what the pain of losing that first love was like. I allowed myself to feel the angst and the heartache.

I went through other times that I remembered my back had been bad. I was usually able to find something that had happened within a week or so, or was happening at the time, that created strong, painful emotions in me. With a large and growing family, I hadn’t had the time to deal with emotions, or even the knowledge of how to. I took time to remember those times, write about them if it would help bring up the painful emotions, and simply feel the emotions. It didn’t take long to feel them, maybe a few minutes for the most part. A few issues took several sessions of “feeling” before I felt that I could let it go.

Miraculously, my back pain didn’t return for awhile. Whenever it did, I would ask myself, “Is this physical or emotional?” Even though I may have done physical things that could have aggravated my back, the answer was always “emotional.” I would take time to discover what had happened that I wasn’t feeling, and allow myself to feel. The back pain would always go away. Now it is years between backaches, but my back will always remind me if I have emotional things happen and I’m too busy to feel.

As a society, we have not taught our children how to feel. We tell them to stop crying, that to be angry is bad, to hide our feelings, to not show our feelings. We are supposed to put on a happy face all of the time. We have no idea how to really allow ourselves to feel. This has a profound effect on our bodies. The suppressed emotions cause chemicals to release that create disease in the body.1

The light bulb turned on. I had seen that clients with back pain had relief from energy healing methods, so I went to the most private place in the house, my bathroom. I contemplated recent events in my life and then considered the negative emotions that they could have conjured up. Using energy healing techniques, I quickly cleared the trapped emotions.

Then I gave my back a little stretch, heard a slight “pop,” and the back pain was completely gone. I snuggled back into my bed and slept for 2 more hours. When I woke up, my back was still happy!orange-girl-jump

The next time you have back pain, or pain anywhere in the body that may not respond to physical treatments, consider your emotional state. Was there something recently that was frustrating, irritating or overwhelming, or caused you sadness and grief? When you pin it down, allow yourself to “feel” the emotions deeply as if turning on the water faucet and letting all the water run out. Then see if you don’t notice a change in your pain levels. This may not totally relieve the pain, especially if there is a physical component, but you may see improvement!

If you or someone you know struggle with trapped or unprocessed emotions, you might want to consider an emotional cleansing from a reputable and trusted energy healing practitioner. The SimplyHealed modality clears those unhappy emotions without having to “feel” or “re-live” those emotions and past trauma in order for them to process. You can learn more about available sessions here: HEALING SESSIONS

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