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November 27, 2011

Ripples – What Kind Are Yours?

Author: JenniferMaster1

When a pebble is dropped in a pond, ripples move across the water. Every thought or action we make has a ripple affect similar to the pebble. The big question is whether or not the ripples you send out are positive and uplifting or negative and unhappy.

No man is an island. We are all interconnected in some way. Many youth, or adults as well, in our society believe that what they do won’t affect anyone but themselves. But how many parents or friends are sadly hurt by poor choices that a teenager can make? Negative mistakes and choices of others can affect our moods, beliefs, sense of peace and well being, finances and health as well.

As I worked with a client in a recent energy healing session, she tearfully explained how the break up of her daughter’s marriage not only affected the whole family but dear friends as well. Even bad health habits affect personal and family finances, insurance costs and ultimately strain on those who must care for someone who has failing health or disease that could have been prevented.

Some of these poor choices only affect a few people. On a bigger scale, ponder on the affect that a few suicide missions took the lives of thousands and affected a whole nation with the 9-11 destruction in New York years ago.

Even the little things for good or worse, have a lasting affect. Do you get out of bed feeling grumpy or happy for another day to live? Is the tone of your voice cheerful or dreary? Do you smile to greet others or frown and look sullen? Do you show caution and courtesy in traffic or cut someone off? Do you say ‘Thank You’ to someone who has given you great service or just quickly move on with your day?

Ultimately, what type of ripples you send out are the type of ripples you get back. For you attract people similar to yourself into your life. If you prefer a higher, happier vibration than make a conscious effort to send that energy out. If this is a struggle for you or you have had some traumatic experience that needs to be dealt with, maybe it’s a good time for an energy healing session to help you live your best life! It’s not magic, but will remove negative blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from the joy and happiness you deserve in life. It would help you move forward in a positive way and send out high vibration ripples.To book your session, click here and go to Step 1 to book your personalized private session.

Happy Ripples!

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