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Bedroom Package

When it comes to your intimate relationship with your spouse, is there room for improvement? Do you long to have a more sensual, comforting, loving and extremely fulfilling relationship in your bedroom encounters?Bedroom

If you are newly married, there may be fears or insecurities that are holding you back from enjoying intimacy to the fullest extent. Or maybe there is trauma from the past that is blocking your enjoyment in this critical part of your marriage.

If you have been married awhile, maybe intimacy used to be pleasurable and exciting but has turned dull and boring. Or maybe this vital part of your relationship occurs very rarely. Sometimes couples will work on other aspects of a marriage such as finances, careers and rearing children but may neglect this absolute essential bonding part of marriage.

Emotional hurts from the past can influence your ability to deeply connect with your spouse and can cause frustrations in your sexual relationship. False beliefs, embarrassment, shyness, and self-consciousness can be important factors inhibiting a couple’s physical enjoyment. There may be feelings of guilt, humiliation, rejection, betrayal or not feeling loved that needs to be cleansed from your personal energy field.

If you desire to enhance your intimate relationship, a simple shift in your energy can be the spark that lights a fire in your bedroom, figuratively speaking, of course. Whatever the cause of your frustration, energy work can shift your being to a higher, more positive vibration that will attract the satisfying, intense physical connection and closeness that you are yearning for.

The healing bedroom package is available for married adults and can be included in an adult healing session upon request. When you request this service, you may share your concerns regarding this part of your relationship at the beginning of your session. Explicit details are not needed. At the beginning of your session, simply state things such as:

vbsd0981_ntsc*I feel uncomfortable with this part of my marriage

*I have past fear and trauma that keeps me from enjoying intimacy

*I feel rejected when my spouse doesn’t want intimacy

*I wish my spouse would initiate intimacy more often

*Intimacy is not as enjoyable to me as it has been in the past

*My spouse doesn’t seem interested in intimacy

*OR whatever you feel is frustrating about your sexual relationship

If you are ready to rekindle the fire with your spouse, book your adult energy session by clicking here: BOOK A SESSION. Also, think of one or two other areas of your life that you would like to see improvement in such as relationships, finances, health and weight issues. All of these things can also influence your marital intimacy and be worked on in your session. Then enjoy your session and see the amazing results that energy healing work can do for you!

If you are wondering if energy healing work is right for your situation, send me an email at  or send me a question in the pop up tab at the right and I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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