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Book a Session

  1. Email to request a service (choose from below) and book your appointment time here: APPOINTMENT CALENDAR.  Please let us know if anyone referred you when booking your session.
  2. Upon confirming your appointment, you will be given instructions to pre-pay for your session via PayPal.
  3. Put your session time in your personal calendar and watch for your confirmation email.
  4. Remember to call at your scheduled time via the instructions received in your email, and get ready to live your best life!

1- Adult or Teen Energy Healing Session

A 50-minute energy healing session just for you via phone or online classroom. This will empower you to live your best life! Also for teens ages 11-17.

$125 USD

50 minutes

2- Tune Up for Previous Clients

This 30-minute session is ONLY for clients who have had a previous 50-minute session, not new clients via phone or online classroom. This will go into deeper layers of healing.

$60 USD

25 minutes

3- In-office appointment

$125 USD

50 minutes – (location will be given via email)

4- Parent/Child Session

A full 50-minute session to empower you to live your best life. This includes a 30-minute session for your child age 10 and under with parent consultation included. Your child does not need to be present during the session.

$160 USD

1 hour 30 minutes

5- Adult Energy Healing/Mentoring 90 minutes

A full 50-min. energy healing session plus 30 minutes mentoring and affirmation creation

$199 USD

1 hour 30 minutes