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April 24, 2011

The Domino Affect of Anger

Author: JenniferMaster1

You may have heard that it’s normal and healthy to have various kinds of “feelings” such as love, happiness, elation, gratitude, frustration, envy, sadness, jealousy, anger, resentment, bitterness etc. What matters most is how we deal with the feelings after we have them, right?

Of course, happy and positive feelings are wonderful, and we should embrace their energy and strive to experience them on a daily basis. However, is it really good to feel things such as envy, bitterness or anger? Modern psychology tells us to go ahead and feel the anger, but be careful not to suppress it. Find some creative ways to express it without hurting others. But, seriously, hasn’t the physiological process of the ‘fight/flight’ already triggered the hormonal changes to defend itself against the potentially life-threatening situation? Blood pressure and temperature have already risen, digestion has stopped and blood has been drawn away from major organs. There is a feeling of strength and power, yet the mind may be hazy and confused and wanting to let all that negative energy out in a harmful way.

In Buddhist thought, anger is perceived to be an ‘unskillful’ mental state, and categorized as a ‘poison’.
The concept of ‘Righteous Anger’ is contrary to Buddhist belief – anger is not considered to be justifiable under any circumstances. The ‘poison’ that is anger causes the individual to lose perspective – they are unable to think clearly. Also, one who acts from anger will most likely trigger an anger-response in others. 1

Other ancient wisdom tells us in Proverbs 14:17 that “He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly…” and verse 29 says “He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding; but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.”

Certainly there are different levels of negative emotions we can deal with. We can get a little angry over this and a little angry over that, but where is our breaking point? Where do we feel the ‘fight/flight’ response so strongly that we just lose our senses and re-act instead of consciously acting? When do we lash out physically with violence or verbally with degrading and harmful words?

This is like setting up dominoes, one by one. Maybe we wake up late one morning –domino number 1. We rush through breakfast and by doing so, knock over a glass of orange juice –domino number 2. We arrive at work and our boss gets on our case for something — domino number 3. We rush home and find the house in chaos with noisy children, so we yell at our spouse. Domino number 4 now topples the other donimoes that have lined up throughout the day!

We all have certain tolerance levels. Maybe domino number 2 would have caused someone to blow up in the previous scenario rather than domino number 4. The trick here may be learning to deal with our feelings at the first domino rather than letting them continue to line up and playing the game until all the dominoes come crashing down. Being sensitive to our stress levels throughout the day, and finding effective ways to deal with the stress will keep the anger from flaring.

It may take a great amount of practice to be sensitive to what is triggering our stress and use strategies to reduce the frequency of stress, but in doing so we may gradually overcome our primitive animal function to fight and lose control. Proverbs sums it up nicely in 16:32, “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

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1. “Just for today, do not anger…” James Deacon, 2005.

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