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Improve Relationships and Boost Self-Confidence!

It’s time to start clearing that emotional childhood (and adult) baggage that you have been carrying around all your life!

Whether you have experienced sad or embarrassing moments, or more heartbreaking and traumatic moments, these unprocessed emotions become stuck in your energy sphere causing havoc and frustration in your every day life.

Overtime, these unseen negative energies can cause you to be unsuccessful in all areas of your life. A significant amount of illness and disease are caused from these low vibrations.

The EMPOWER YOUR INNER CHILD CD raises your energy to happier, higher vibrations which allows you to clear out that negative debris from the past. Your inner child can open up to the truth that you are worthy and deserving of love and success.


Praise for this CD:

“Jennifer, I found myself softening as I listened to your CD. Powerful words of truth are shared that instill a quiet spiritual confidence. Once again I’m reminded of the power of the mind in producing reality from thought. I also love the affirmations of positive thought toward others with whom I struggle. I’ve tested this before and have turned negative situations around. I need to invest more time with meditation and love that you included music for that. Over all, I found myself feeling very peaceful with your soothing voice and faith filled words. I’m glad I have this as a resource for guidance and plan on using it some more.”

Thank you, Boyd O. (5-Star Review on Amazon)


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