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June 5, 2013

When Evil Knocks on Your Door

Author: JenniferMaster1

We are in a war of light vs. darkness and good vs. evil. Sometimes the forces of the dark side are very invisible to us, but we can feel their influence. Although we try to feel happy and avoid evil influences, sometimes evil knocks on your door. If it’s cleverly disguised, you may open the door and let it walk right in.Cartoon Devil

But you have the power to fight the evil of sadness, gloom and depression. I am going to share a dream I had. You don’t need to think it is a premonition of things to come. It simply was a dream that taught me a couple of powerful messages.

There was some evil force or spirit trying to influence me or get a hold on me. It was intensely frightening and powerful. I tried to push it away and finally did an energetic ‘zip up’ and placed an energetic shield around myself.

The dream became even more alarming when the spirit entered one of my sons and started talking to me through him. In biblical times there are many accounts of Jesus casting evil spirits out of men. This must have been a similar scenario as far as the bad spirit having taken over my son.

I tried saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ leave him!” The entity laughed and said something like, “What an old simple way to try and get rid of me!”

I was petrified by now and tried to think if I could get a priesthood holder from my church who would understand the situation and be able to come and cast the spirit out.

Suddenly an idea came to me. I held my son in my arms and looking into his eyes, knowing he was still in his body and said, “You have the power to cast him out. You need to tell him to leave.”

After encouraging my son to cast the spirit out, it seemed I was now hearing my son’s voice speaking from his body rather than the entity. It was horrific dream, and I remember the feeling that I would not want to have to deal with that level of evil in my life.

Sun handsAnother message comes from this “experience” although it was a dream. We all have the power to cast evil out from ourselves, even it is from sadness, depression, sorrow, grief, guilt or shame or any negative low-vibration feeling or emotion. Sometimes we invite evil into our lives by bad choices, and sometimes it just comes to us. We still have the God-given power to ask the evil influence to leave.

I had one of those days yesterday where I was in a depressed funk. I was able to do something to pull myself out of that feeling and get the “evil” to leave. But that story can be saved for the next blog post!

Have a great day, and remember you have power over that evil that knocks on your door most every day!

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