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September 6, 2014

3 Reasons Why Anger is Useful

Author: JenniferMaster1

serious/sad jacobReally? Anger can be useful? There may be some benefits to feeling anger, but I’ll stand by my belief and current research, that anger is generally a bad thing. However, here are 3 ways in which anger can potentially be useful.

1. Anger teaches you to avoid places that you don’t want to be. Some of these places are poor health and strained or ruined relationships. Anger also locks us and those we love out of a place we want to be: feeling soothing peace and well-being.

2. Anger shows you the areas of your life that you need to work on most. When life is sailing smoothly, it may be hard to pinpoint personal weaknesses. When you get angry, it’s easier to determine what triggers that anger and how to improve that part of your life.

3. If you are actively seeking to learn from the times you are angry, you will be more humble, and humility can be a good thing. Anger is based in pride. Satan’s anger and rebellious energy was not allowed in heaven. Just as he was cast out, learning to cast out the energy of anger will make your home a bit more like heaven.

Here is a great memory from my daughter that simply illustrates how anger leads us to damaging assumptions when we refuse to be humble.

“Once when I was a kid, I came into my bedroom and found my sister’s Halloween pumpkin bag full of candy in the middle of my bed. My first reaction was to get angry – how dare she put her junk on my bed? Then I had another thought – was she giving me all her candy? I felt very humbled, especially when I found out that my mother had simply moved the bag to my bed while vacuuming the floor and my kind sister, not wanting to hurt my feelings, pretended she had decided to give me her candy. This experience taught me not to jump to the worst conclusions or assume that someone is trying to hurt me in some way. As a good friend recently told me, most people are doing the best they know how with the place they are in their life, and we should learn to be kinder in our judgment of others.”sunset meditate

Simply controlling or even PREVENTING our anger can keep us from jumping to irrational conclusions as this story illustrates.

If you struggle with controlling your anger or frustration, an energy healing session can remove those energetic blocks or trauma from the past that triggers negative emotions within us. There can also be generational issues that have been passed down to us energetically regarding anger issues. If you’d like to learn more about generational issues and how they can be cleared click here: GENERATIONAL HEALING


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