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June 5, 2014

Are False Beliefs Harming You?

Author: JenniferMaster1

False beliefs can cause us to self-sabotage our best efforts to be successful in relationships, finances, careers, and all areas of our lives. In energy work, common terminology may be something like, “These are false beliefs that are not serving your higher good.” Some false beliefs are obvious such as “The moon is made of cheese” or “Money DOES grow on trees.” Others are not so obvious such as “If I’m healthy, I won’t be noticed” or “Being good means putting others needs before your own.” These untrue seed thoughts can be keeping you from the joy and blessings your are seeking in your life. But how do you get rid of them?Thoughtful woman with cloud above her head

First, you must recognize that you have false beliefs. These types of beliefs are more than just negative thoughts. They are a part of  our subconscious belief system that we may not even be consciously aware of. If we are unaware of them, we can often see clues in our lives that show us we have them. Do you struggle with relationship issues, finances, health or weight issues? Then you can be sure there are some false beliefs keeping you from the best you could have in life. Here are a few false beliefs some people have:

  • If I heal somebody else won’t.
  • I’m unworthy of love and acceptance.
  • I deserve to be punished for my shortcomings.
  • God doesn’t want me to make money.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • I am incapable of getting in shape.

Second, try to identify if this false belief is of your making or something you picked up along the way. Well-meaning parents often pass their strong beliefs, whether they are true or not, to their children or grandchildren. For instance, someone who grew up during the depression may have hoarded junk for fear of never having enough. They didn’t dare throw anything away because of the false belief that there would always be a lack of necessities. Granted, there are times and places where this appeared to be true, but in the world as a whole, there is more than enough to provide if it were dispersed appropriately. Thus, descendants of some people who lived during the depression era of the 1930’s in America may tend to hoard junk as well, or never feel like they will have enough money.

Third, find the true belief that you can consciously accept and act upon. For example, my 83-year-old mother, who lives alone, has some health challenges, and although she can take care of herself, it is becoming more difficult. As she has fallen a few times as well, family members are concerned that she receive some extra help with things like housework, shopping, walking to the laundry mat to wash clothing, and even preparing meals as her arthritis and left hand which was injured from a fall, make it painful to use her hands or move around. After setting up a homemaking service to help with some of these tasks, even though she had mentioned it would be nice to have some help, she said, “Oh, I can work. I’m alright. I don’t need any help.” As I explained that these programs are there to help, she said, “I’m not that bad off. Others need it worse than me.”

This clued me in to her false belief. Apparently she believed that if she took the help it would deprive someone else from receiving it. In this case that was simply not true. The funds and employees are available, and at this time there was enough of this resource to serve her and the many others who needed it. Perhaps a deeper false belief might be that she is not deserving of the help as much as others.

spiritualityWe may be self-sabotaging ourselves from allowing happiness and goodness into our lives because we speak or act upon these false beliefs and ultimately push good things out of our lives. If you have a difficult time identifying and freeing yourself from false beliefs that don’t serve your higher good, you may want to be empowered with an energy healing session which can quickly and easily remove false beliefs and enhance your self-confidence and success! You can book your private session here: BOOK AN ENERGY SESSION


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