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July 10, 2012

Are You as Important as My Piggy Spatula?

Author: JenniferMaster1

One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is my pink piggy spatula. I use it for cleaning out the last of pancake batter, a smoothie drink from the blender, applesauce in a bottle, and many other things. I panic a bit if I can’t find it. It’s a trusty and needed kitchen tool.
The interesting thing about my piggy spatula is that there is no piggy on it. There used to be, but it broke off. However, it still serves me well. I love it so much that if I ever lost it, I would certainly go to the kitchen store and get a new one.
Are you like my piggy spatula? Are there parts of you that are broken, missing or just don’t look as attractive as they used to be? Perhaps there is more of you than there used to be or you are looking older and wrinkly.
Do you feel you are less than you used to be? Do you feel unworthy of certain blessings in your life because you just aren’t good enough? Perhaps you are even embarrassed by your physical appearance or wish you could look as beautiful as others do. You may wish you could spend time and money on making yourself look more perfect or you do spend a great focus on fixing those physical parts of you that are imperfect.
It’s alright to look for ways to improve as long as it is for yourself and not in trying to be better than the next guy. I have nothing against self improvement and feeling better about yourself. It’s just important to appreciate yourself for who you ARE, not what you have or look like. And sometimes in life, no matter how much time and money you spend on yourself, you just can’t find a replacement part.
When you feel imperfect,you are like my piggy spatula. You might not feel like you are good enough, but you are loved and wanted beyond what you know. You have many talents, skills and positive characteristics that make a difference in other people’s lives. Be grateful for all the good parts you have and the service they give you and others. You are of infinite worth and have a special place in this world or you wouldn’t be here. Someone would feel so lost without what you can offer them. Don’t underestimate what you can do in this world.
Step out and make a difference in other lives. You are an original, just like my broken piggy spatula!
If you’d like your own silicon piggy spatula with the piggy still on it, I saw them on Amazon! You can get one by clicking here:

My Heartfelt Healing’s Piggy Spatula

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