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October 3, 2011

Choosing Peace

Author: JenniferMaster1

CHOOSING PEACE by Elisabeth Fayt

When you worry about your finances, you choose stress.
When instead, you trust and Pre-Pave: “My needs are met now and always”, you choose PEACE.

When you complain about your life, you choose discontent.
When you see your life as a dream and you are the creator of the dream, you choose PEACE.

When you gossip to a friend, you choose drama, then wonder why more shows up in your life.
When you allow others to live their life, without interpreting how they should live it, you choose PEACE.

When you insist on discussing old hurts from the past, you invite pain.
When you forgive, and Pre-Pave: “I am healed”, you choose PEACE.

When you read the news, and discuss with passion the injustices of the world, you choose hopelessness.
Why not rather, silence the mind and pray for world peace.
In this way, you choose PEACE.

When you tell a little white lie, you choose dishonesty, and wonder why it is hard to make sense of the world.
When you express truth, with candor and courtesy, no matter what the outcome, you choose PEACE.

When you are criticized and allow yourself to feel hurt, you choose resentment.
When you receive criticism with an open mind to learn and grow, you choose PEACE.

When you give so much that you become tired of giving, you choose fatigue.
When your giving is infinite and you Pre-Pave: “I am grateful for the ability to serve”, you choose PEACE.

When you scold a child in the heat of emotion, you choose impatience.
When you guide a child by being the example, you ask for PEACE.

When you focus on how others are different from you, you choose separation.
When you Pre-Pave: “We are all one, seeking the same happiness”, you have chosen PEACE.


For PEACE is within your reach

It is in the simple way you respond

To life’s ebbs and flows

You’ve known it all along.

So here is your reminder

The steps are simply three:

Be mindful of your thoughts,

Pave it Forward and let life be.

In choosing to be kind

Despite what may be there

And choosing to forgive

Regardless of what is fair.

You create PEACE in your heart

That will show in all you do

And others will be better

For simply knowing you.


Peace in my thoughts.~Peace in my words~Peace in my actions~Peace in my world.

Elisabeth Fayt,
Owner/Founder, RnR Wellness,
Best-selling author of “Paving It Forward”

2 Responses to “Choosing Peace”

  1. Thank you, I love inspirational poetry, quotes and short stories like this

  2. drake quotes says:

    I stumbled upon your blog on Bing a couple days ago and this is my fourth time coming back, I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for the good post.