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June 9, 2011

Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Author: JenniferMaster1

Hopefully, time heals wounds such as a cut finger or broken arm. I say ‘hopefully’ because someone could have a bone disease that prevents their bones from healing or diabetes that makes it challenging for wounds to heal. For the average healthy person, time would heal physical wounds.

However, emotions that haven’t properly processed or past trauma that is buried deep in the subconscious may take more than just time to heal and allow us to be whole and completely healthy.

These energy blocks or trapped emotions are as real as physical injuries. Just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. When was the last time you had a good visual of the wind? Sure, you can see how it causes tree leaves to flutter, clouds to swirl in the sky and dandelion fluff to spin away. If you have long hair like me, the wind can annoyingly blow your hair across your face and eyes. Have you ever actually seen the force behind the wind itself ?

When I present energy healing seminars, I have someone hold a bag on their index finger. Then I put rocks in the bag with various words on them such as embarrassed, not respected,  not heard, intimidated, afraid, bitter, unloved, jealous, inadequate, failure, insecure, scatter-brained, angry and stressed out.

At first the bag doesn’t seem too heavy. After a few minutes it becomes heavier. About 5 minutes later, the person’s finger begins turning red and feeling quite fatigued. They are happy for me to take the bag.

Unprocessed or ‘stuck’ emotions are as real as these rocks. Living a life full of purpose, seeking for the positive thoughts and actions in life, using EFT or tapping techniques and traditional therapy can slowly move some of these energy blocks from your body and energy systems. Yet some blocks are so deeply rooted that time alone with various modalities won’t remove the negative low-vibrational energy that these blocks emit. Time only makes matters worse as these vibrations affect the healthy high-vibration of tissues in the surrounding cells, tissues and organs of the body. Illness and disease set in and gradually increase if these blocks are not removed from the body.

Thank heavens for energy healing. It is the thing that can move the deeply embedded negative emotions. I knew this must be a missing component from my total wellness plan. I did all the physical things for my body such as eating healthy foods, exercising, drinking clean pure water, having air cleaning filters in my home, and getting plenty of good vitalizing sleep. I was also using meditation and prayer for my spiritual and subconscious health. I still felt the affect of those emotional blocks in my life. They were holding me back from optimum mental and physical health. I felt burdened and didn’t quite know why.

Energy healing has boosted my confidence, given me mental focus and clarity, relieved daily stress –yes, I still feel stressed but deal with it much better–, strengthened my relationships, improved my finances, and enhanced my energy level both mentally and physically. Some changes have been dramatic and quick such as the ability to act rather than re-act to stressful situations. Other changes have been slower and more gradual such as improved relationships and seeing the ‘bigger picture’ in life. Seeing the bigger picture in life allows me to not get upset over small insignificant problems or challenges that occur in my life. I even had one of my gym instructors comment on how she saw my improvement with my workouts and physical condition improve over several months of time.

Whatever negative baggage you might be carrying from the past, it can be unloaded with a whole energy healing session. Even if you feel life is going fairly well, remember those energy blocks are real even though you can’t see them. Wouldn’t it feel great to release them before they can really cause damage?

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