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About Jennifer

Jennifer Smith has always been passionate about health and wellness and knew that total wellness was more than just eating right and exercising. She has studied alternative medicine, holistic health and looked for a wellness program that works well for her family. After being introduced to Nikken wellness technologies in the spring of 2006, she became a wellness consultant and noticed improvement in the health of her family especially with her husband’s sleep and back challenges.

However, she longed for the energy and enthusiasm of life that she had in her younger years and knew there was a higher level of wellness. Through some connections in a success principle course she was taking, she was introduced to the concept of energy healing and felt it was a key to total wellness. After all, we aren’t just physical beings. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. The health of the energy systems that connect the spirit and body can affect the emotional, mental and physical health of a person.

After being certified as an energy healing practitioner and experiencing the amazing affect it has on her own life, Jennifer has opened her energy healing practice to bring a balance to other people’s personal wellness programs. She uses the “SimplyHealed” method taught by her mentor, Carolyn Cooper, Neuromodulation Technique and her own natural intuition. She feels so much younger, energetic and vibrant than she has through all the years of bearing and raising her six children. She has been able to bless the lives of family, friends and clients through the intuition and discernment she uses during whole energy healing sessions.

She has over 25 years experience in child development, has a degree in Professional Child Care and is the owner of Family Circle Daycare. She has worked with hundreds of children and understands parenting is a tough job. So in addition to energy sessions for teens and adults, she is offering parent consultation in energy healing sessions for children under age 10.MagicalPhotography-109

She is happily married to her best friend. In addition to her three daughters and three sons, she enjoys her grandchildren as well. She loves nature, hiking, camping (sometimes), working out at the gym, yoga, meditation, running with her dog, and flower gardening. She enjoys singing, playing the piano and healthy gourmet cooking. She is a Christian and has served in many leadership positions in her local church teaching children and adults working with children. She loves to relax during Friday night movies on the big screen at home and munch on hot air popcorn with real butter!

She became trained in Neuromodulation Technique in the fall of 2011 by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C., creator and developer of this incredible energy healing modality. This powerful technique is a great addition to her tool bag to help you live your best life! For more info on Neuromodulation Technique (NMT) click here.

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