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Generational Healing

Just as a tree has roots, we all have “roots” in our family tree.  Some of our fears, phobias, addictions, lack of success, money issues and idiosyncrasies are just a few of the issues that can be passed down to us from ancestors through energetic DNA just as the physical DNA we inherit from them.   It’s great to strive for improvement, but it’s nice to know not everything is necessarily our fault!  Many healers talk about past lives. Often times, the energy of events that happened to our ancestors is caught in our DNA, at times feeling real enough that it almost seems as if we were there.

As we clear these blocks within ourselves, it pulls the thread from the originator in our ancestral line (our roots) through us and also our descendants (the branches).  Blocks can be traced back to their origin and cleared for our whole lineage and ourselves.  Heartfelt healing not only impacts you, it blesses many others as well. For more information on this click here to see about generational healing in the FAQ and watch this great video from my mentor, Carolyn Cooper.