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The SimplyHealed Method

Watch this great video for a brief introduction to the POWER of energy healing!

Most energy healing works only with Chakras, Auras or Meridians. Each 50-minute session of the SimplyHealed Method tunes up ALL of the Energy Systems of the body. Without relying on time-consuming tapping, encoding, chanting or re-hashing old issues, lower-vibration energies are cleared and replaced with high-vibration energies.

Jennifer’s mentor, Carolyn Cooper, has been an energy practitioner since 1997 and has developed “The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method” (formerly Calyco Healing) which is a very thorough system that produces amazing results with the very first session!

Many changes felt by clients are sudden and dramatic, while others are subtle and noticed over time. Clients feel “lighter”, less burdened and more joyful immediately after a session. Deep trauma and depression can be released without having to re-live the painful emotions of prior events.

The “SimplyHealed” method works directly with your subconscious mind to cause the energy shifts which result in release and change. It can eliminate deeply rooted belief patterns and negative emotional states. The “Law of Attraction” principle works easier in your life because you don’t have the subconscious mind resisting the positive affirmations you are putting in it. You will find improvement in all areas of your life including relationships, finances, health issues, weight issues and more! You will truly be empowered to “Live Your Best Life”!

Out of hundreds of trained practitioners, Jennifer Jones Smith is one of the few SimplyHealed practitioners featured on Carolyn Cooper’s site as a CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER.

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