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August 7, 2015

How Mixed Up Are You?

Author: JenniferMaster1

squint eyed woman with weird expression isolated on white

Have you ever had that dream where you went to school with no pants on? Well, I felt something similar when I drove out of town with my husband for a meeting with a few people. We had an enjoyable time, and when I got into the car to go home, I looked down and noticed I had brown MISMATCHED sandals on!!!

I know! I know! It’s not quite as dramatic as going to school with no pants on. But please don’t think I’m crazy or losing my mind! I was in a hurry to get out the door because I was running late and remember trying to decide between my gold and my brown sandals. I decided to go with the brown, and this picture is what I ended up with because I have two pairs of brown sandals!


Mismatched SandalsFirst I was embarrassed wondering how many people saw my mismatched footwear. Then I remembering having thoughts like “Wow, I’m stupid!” and “I can’t believe I did that!” When you’ve made a mistake, you’ve never had thoughts like that, right? You’ve never beat yourself up for messing up on shoes, a relationship or a goal, right?

It’s those very kind of thoughts that will  contribute to future failures. Negative thoughts and energy attract more negative into your life. Have you ever been around someone who was grouchy? Did you want to hang out with them all day? Most likely, you couldn’t wait to get away from them. They gave off a depressing kind of energy that’s not fun to be around. Likewise, how can you stand being around yourself when you are having negative thoughts about yourself? It’s difficult!

Constant degrading thoughts about yourself creates a viscous cycle. You think negative thoughts, you feel bad, you act bad and then you think negative thoughts to start the cycle all over again. And people don’t want to be around you as much, and your treasured, meaningful relationships suffer.

May I suggest that any negative thought you have comes from the adversary? Otherwise known as Satan, he wants you to feel bad about yourself and believe the lies he is filling your head with. The “father of all lies” wouldn’t want you to remember the great, divine person you are. As offspring of God, you have the power within you to be amazing, smart, talented, creative, loving, kind, and all the positive traits you can think of. Satan wants you to be mixed up, like my shoes, and not act according to your true self – the self that God knows can create an incredible joyful, successful and peaceful life. So the next time you have an annoying thought about yourself, tell Satan to “Bug off!” because you know he is trying to make you miserable. Then  choose some thoughts or affirmations to  help you remember that who you really are is an incredible, limitless being of goodness and light!

If you are plagued with troublesome thoughts about yourself and have a hard time letting go of them, an energy healing session can cut the bonds of energy to allow you to release the negative emotions and energy that binds and slows you down in your goals, health and relationships. Visit My Heartfelt Healing to schedule your empowering session today!


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