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This 5-Star Best Selling Book


“12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family”


will reduce the pain and frustration of family and marriage relationships and empower your family with deeply connected and loving relationships!



Ranked best-selling in the Christian Family Self-Help, Self-Esteem and Parenting/Child Care Categories


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 12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy & Love in Your Family


Aaah…wedding bliss! Autumn. OctoberTwo souls entwined in overwhelming love and rapture!


They will be loyal and true to each other through every peril and every joyful moment!


In fact, they are so entwined that they created a child…or two…or more!


Now their love is complete. They have a house full of love, laughter, joy and peace…


At least this was the DREAM I used to have of MY PERFECT FAMILY!


What did you DREAM your family would be like???


Did you dream of this…

        • You are a fun-loving spouse and parent whom everyone wants to be around. You are loved, respected and validated for all the care and sacrifice you give to your family.
      • You are fully connected to your spouse and so deeply in love that you want to spend every moment you can together. You absolutely adore and love this person with all your soul.
      • Your wonderful children are caring, cooperative and enjoy playing and working together.
      • Your home is a haven of love, peace and joy and is a place where family members would rather be than anywhere else on earth!


 But instead got this…

        • You are frustrated with your spouse or family and even have moments of depression. You feel unloved, and you wonder if anyone appreciates you. Others speak to you harshly and some days you just want to give up.
      • Your spouse doesn’t “get” you and has done or said things that have hurt you deeply. You don’t feel loved or wanted at times, and you enjoy time away from your spouse. You don’t enjoy romance or intimacy very often. Thoughts of divorce may have crossed your mind or you are already a single parent.
      • Your children fight and bicker with one another over practically nothing. They are uncooperative with chores and homework and you struggle to find discipline methods that are effective.
      • Sometimes the best vacation is when you are alone because a family vacation is draining and lots of work. Your home feels disorganized, frustrating and chaotic.


Are you looking for some answers and support?


If you answered “Yes!” then you are in the right place because with over 27 years of marriage and raising 6 children, I understand the immense frustration and heartache that come along with family relationships.


With a child development degree, years of training and personal experience, I’ve put together the “best of the best” guiding principles in this invaluable resource to help you navigate through the incredible journey of family life!


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 12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy & Love in Your Family


“12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy & Love in Your Family”





Life pulls our attention in so many ways. Sometimes the most precious parts of our lives, like our family, need a little more focus and effort. This heartfelt guide offers powerful wisdom and tools to bring greater peace, joy and love to your family.    

   ~Leslie Householder, award winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor      



Who hasn’t dealt with the ups and downs of marriage and family life? Inside the family we find our most exquisite joys, but also our most poignant moments of pain and ongoing frustration. It’s so easy to mess up these relationships! Nobody gets a rule book when they walk out of their marriage ceremony and start a family … that is until NOW!


12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family is the ultimate family guidebook to transform challenging relationships into loving ones. With over twenty-seven years’ experience in marriage, parenting and child development, energy healing practitioner and parent consultant Jennifer Jones Smith offers simple, yet profound wisdom on these essential topics:


* Empower yourself with greater self-love, self-compassion and confidence.

   (Remember peace on earth and in the family begins with “me.”)

* Infuse love, joy and respect into your marriage and family relationships.

* Increase harmony among your children and success with chores and homework.

* Transform the feeling in your home by building unity with an uplifting environment.


This empowering self-help book is written in a clearly outlined form. Jennifer and parent contributors share heart-felt stories that apply to us all. Mantras and specific assignments help readers connect with their own affirmative life force. This is an indispensable resource for every family library. Let this book infuse your family with greater peace, joy and love in as little as 12 weeks!


One of the biggest sources of joy and of pain in our lives is the relationships within our marriage and family, and it’s so easy to mess it up… In this book Jennifer Jones Smith offers practical and valuable insights to create the relationships you desire and deserve.

                                                          ~ Gerald Rogers, Author & Speaker

This delightful book will bring positive energy into the reader’s life in just 12 weeks, enhancing their quality of life and empowering them to a feeling of greater worth. I highly recommend this read.  

                                                                              ~Christy Monson, M.A., L.M.F.T., retired


This is an indispensable resource for every family library!


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 12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy & Love in Your Family


 Inside the book you will find:


    • The key to having more joy each and every day

  • Ways to build self-compassion and attract more love into your life

  • Ideas for creating balance and reducing stress

  • How vulnerability brings you the most satisfying relationships

  • 20 marriage tips (that went viral) for greater passion in your marriage

  • Powerful techniques to let go of past and present hurts

  • The one time to intervene when your children are fighting

  • Discipline techniques backed by research for a peaceful home

  • Ideas for chore and homework cooperation from children

  • Strategies for overcoming entitlement issues with your children

  • How to conquer the silent addiction that may lurk in your home

  • Why quality time with your family is a myth

  • The best traditions for empowering your family with unity and peace