Energy healing is powerful to clear trapped emotions and limiting beliefs that cause self-sabotage and keep you from the success in relationships, finances, weight, health and life!However, life goes on and we can find new emotional issues and limiting beliefs come to the surface. Just like an onion, there can be layers of healing to do. Multiple energy healing sessions can help with this. If you add the power of mentoring principles and tools, you can work on your own issues and require less energy healing work.
Imagine a pathway strewn with thick weeds. Energy healing is the powerful machete that will cut through the weeds and make the pathway easier to walk on. Mentoring tools can help keep the weeds from coming back and keep you in a better, higher vibration or frequency to attract higher, happier frequencies of courage, peace, joy, love, and enlightenment to yourself. According to David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, these pleasant “state of being” vibrate at 600-1,000 when scientifically measured. Shame, grief, and fear on the other hand, vibrate at low frequencies of 20-60 or so and are not pleasant state of beings to be in.

Some people don’t feel that affirmations work well for them. They say them or “shout” them daily, but find these positive statements aren’t sticking. If we don’t get the negative baggage, limiting beliefs or weeds out of the way, the affirmations are actually repelled by our subconscious. Over time the repetition of affirmation will help, but they will work much quicker when the weed are removed through an energy healing session.

mountain affirm

You have more control over yourself and your environment than you realize. With powerful cleaning out of past emotional baggage and mentoring principles and tools, you can keep the weeds out of your way and move down your success path quicker than you ever thought possible!

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A recent client who experienced energy work and mentoring had this to say about the experience:

“I have felt a HUGE shift in energy in ALL my relationships. So many positive things have happened. Your clearing worked wonderfully. I had a ton of revelations come to me as what I did to trigger someone else’s bad behavior. I’m not taking responsibility for their actions. Just mine. I’m seeing a bigger picture than me being a victim. I feel empowered and not stuck anymore. So much hope. Way wonderful session! Still feeling the positive effects 4 days later. You seriously cleared some junk out and mentored me on how to keep strong!” ~ Amy D.