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*My son had some EXTREME anger issues and did not get along well with his older brother. After a couple of energy sessions with Jennifer, his anger levels are more like a normal 11-year-old boy, and he is angry less frequently than the average boy. -Tracy W.

*Within the first few days after having an energy healing session, I was a happier person and had a more positive outlook on everything around me! I am trying to get my business going and I have a lot more confidence in myself! I have a session coming up and normally I would be stressing out and really worried, but I am calm and collected and ready to take some pictures! (=      -Sara A.

*During my session I felt like the layers of a cocoon were peeling away. I had a stiff painful neck that was improving before my session was even done!      –Vicki H.

*Jennifer worked on two of my children. My daughter’s self talk and ability to let go of things has improved so much. My son hated to sit in his wheelchair or ride the bus to school. Last night he sat in his chair for almost two hours! Two weeks ago I would have been lucky for him to sit next to me for five minutes. He hasn’t screamed while riding the bus since his session. I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer and the work she does. I look forward to more sessions in the future. -Erin A.

*I was somewhat skeptical about this type of healing. Please, if you have anything that is too much to handle or if you feel overwhelmed, or you’re just scared, go and see Jennifer. She is what I have needed in my life for a long time. I cannot say enough good about her and her method of healing! -James K.

*Jennifer’s love and genuine concern for a healthy life, and willingness to listen to intuition make her an outstanding healer. She worked on my teenage son. I was AMAZED at how our relationship dramatically improved, immediately. -Deonne J.

*Before I went to Jennifer for Energy Healing, I was having trouble eating breads. Every time I ate even one roll, my gut would cramp like crazy and I would be bloated and gassy due to the gluten intolerance and over-activity of yeast. It also was causing my sinuses to plug up like a sinus infection. There was not drainage really, just swelling and pressure and unable to breath clearly. Emotionally I was really irritable and short on patience. I was unable to be able to think clearly and focus on what I was doing. Now, after going through the sessions I can eat bread without the cramping and bloating. It has been nice to eat bread again. I have learned how to calm myself and relax more when things get stressful and confusing. It is nice to feel in control again and healthier with clear sinuses. Thanks Jennifer! -Angie D.

*I noticed many changes take place in my life after having an energy session. One of the major things was a change in my enthusiasm at work. I work as a server and for quite some time I found myself bored with my work. My job became very robotic for me. Doing the same things over and over again every day, I lost touch with my personable personality. I know my customers felt it and in return I felt it through my not-so-generous tips.

After the session, day by day I noticed subtle changes in my mood. My days at work seemed gradually lighter and not so dull. I struck up conversations with my customers and heard the sincerity slip back into my voice. I noticed that I genuinely cared for their needs like I once did. When I smiled and said “thank you”, I meant it.

The past couple of months I have experienced many days where I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of people that just seemed to throw their money at me! I have been a lot happier at work and each day I just find ways to enjoy it.

This is just one aspect of my life that has been effected. In fact I would say that every aspect of my life has slowly been improving ever since I had my energy session. My recommendation, HAVE ONE. You will be amazed at how wonderful your life can be. –Emma S.  1Z6X6470

*The day before my wife’s energy healing session she felt ready to “lose” it. After her session she was more like her normal self!      – Mark W.

*My time with Jen was easy, painless but yet parts were emotional for me. After the session was over I was tired but felt lighter. I noticed a bigger change the next day. I was singing around the house and felt completely connected to my kids. First time my son ever just kissed my cheek just because. It was an amazing moment for me. Things that haunted me for years seem to have lost it’s power. I will be calling Jen again. Thank you for helping me. -Vicki M.

*I haven’t been feeling good about myself for a long time.  However, immediately after the session, I went to the grocery store and was genuinely hit on for the first time in a LONG time.  What a nice confidence booster that was.  Additionally, I don’t seem to stay in my “funks” as long and it seems harder to hold on to negative emotions such as anger.  It feels as though I am having a burgeoning “can do” attitude that doesn’t waffle back and forth from day to day.  My husband, who is prone to spells of artistic depression, has been more even-keeled of late.   (I had energy healing dedication done for him.) As I enter into a new and stressful semester of college, it will be interesting to see what continues to become of the Energy Healing you did for me.  I will definitely want the occasional refresher!       – Tracy P.

*My husband, Dan, found out that he wouldn’t be able to work as many hours because of his class schedule, so we decided I should go back to work. I had an energy session early on in my job search process, and it helped me feel better about our situation and more confident in my ability to find work. But then as weeks went by, I wasn’t finding a job, and I got sick and stayed sick for what seemed forever. Our finances were looking pretty scary, and one day in particular Dan was feeling very down and stressed. I had an energy healing dedication done for him while he was at work. When I saw him again later that night, he was acting more like his cheerful normal self. He said it’s because he did some writing, but I think the energy healing impacted him more. And in a few more weeks I did find a job, I got over my illness, we got a large tax return, and we’ll be receiving a nice sum from the insurance company of a lady who hit Dan on his motorcycle last fall. That was definitely a blessing in disguise, and the energy healing was just a blessing. 🙂 -Jessi C.

*For more information on how a “Dedication” works, click here and scroll down the FAQ to “How do you dedicate to someone?” or click here for a great blog article.