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Child Sessions

Through communication with a parent or guardian, proxy sessions are done for children age 10 and under.  The parent works as “proxy” for the child, and I muscle test the energy on myself. Negative blocks and traumas are cleared for the child just as with an adult session. Children spirits are young and open to the positive affirmations that are given to them.readTrinDavin

I work on children frequently. I have been able to use these techniques on my daycare children and have seen amazing results, even when children have been new to the daycare. Sometimes they are emotionally distraught, but I’ve seen them settle into the daycare situation within a day or two of using SimplyHealed techniques. Once they get that anger and whatever other emotions they are carrying released, they become who they REALLY are: happy and teachable. If there is disharmony in your home, it can dramatically affect the children! Vibrationally, they are picking it up.   Also, children being born at this point in time are the “chain-breaking generation.” They are carrying a lot of stuff from the family line in their genes. For the child’s highest good, any negative generational issues need to be cleared.

I’ve been able to use energy healing techniques on my grandchildren as well.  My husband and I often take our 3-year-old grandson to church with us because his mother works on Sunday.  During 70-minute sacrament meeting services, he often gets restless and loud.  The first time SimplyHealed techniques were discreetly used for him, he was well-behaved during this meeting.  My husband commented that he had never seen him be so calm for this meeting!

Since our negative or positive energy affects those around us, Jennifer is currently offering a complimentary 20-minute parent consultation in addition to a 30-minute child proxy session.  She will energetically check the connection and relationship between you and your child.  You will be able to share concerns, challenges or questions you have about your child and receive important feedback to help your child.

Jennifer has over 20 years of child care experience with her own children and with hundreds of other children who have attended Family Circle Daycare, a full time child care service where she has been the owner and director.  She has a degree in Professional Child Care, is the mother of 6 children and a grandmother as well.  She has also been director of a local child care association, received national accreditation and been a member of Utah State University child care network and Child Care Connection (a Head Start Program).  She has also given over 11 years of church service in leadership callings working with leaders of children in her community.

To book a session for you and your child with complimentary parent consulting, click here: BOOK APPOINTMENT