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Ways to Meditate

I love to make the time for meditation. It makes my whole life go smoother, and I am more relaxed yet focused on the important things in my life. The little things in life don’t stress me out nearly as much when I’m regularly meditating.

There are many very good reasons to meditate. I have a short list here.

1. There are definitely health benefits from meditating. The overall health benefits from meditating are largely due to the stress reduction it gives. Neuro-scientists have found that brain activity shifts from the stressed-out right frontal cortex area to the mellower left frontal area.

2. You will have improved concentration, alertness and a clearer mind.

3. You will have less irritability and better emotional control.

4. Your self-awareness and understanding of your deepest self and life’s purpose will be enhanced. You just need to SLOW down and listen!

Here’s a great video of my favorite ways to meditate.


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