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January 17, 2014

A Fork in my Son’s Arm…

Author: JenniferMaster1

Hopefully, you haven’t had any children stabbing each other with forks like I have (the rest of the story is below the video if you haven’t heard it), but maybe you can relate to contention, fighting and arguing in your home. Watch this short video to learn a great tip about what you should do when sibling rivalry exists in your home.



Yes, there was a fork in my son’s arm one Sunday. Two of my boys were fighting over leftover french toast. When I heard the arguing and shoving in the kitchen, I decided to see what the commotion was about.

This was definitely a time to intervene because to my shock, I found a fork hanging out of my son’s white church shirt sleeve. I said a naughty word and asked the perpetrator what had happened. He ran from the room and broke into tears.

I attended to the wound, which fortunately, was only a small one-pronged hole that had not gone too deep. I coaxed the guilty son to come and see that the wound was minor and to apologize. He was too emotionally distraught to get up off the couch. I took the opportunity to remind him that when we don’t control our anger, we may end up doing things we regret and can’t take back.

The victim was quickly bandaged with some ointment, and he apologized to his brother for trying to take the french toast away. He calmly stated that the fight was his fault which was an amazing example of understanding and maturity.

Of course, the son who had poked the fork into his brother’s arm didn’t mean to do that. He had only meant to punch him, but in the heat of the moment, he had not realized that he was holding a fork! Besides my one boy being a saint to accept the blame when he was the one who was injured, the day was joyful as the two brothers got along well the rest of the day.

But by the next day, they were arguing about something else…12weeks_FRONT_Small

Learn how to create more harmony from my book “12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy & Love in Your Family” by clicking here.

January 6, 2014

New 5-Star Book Empowers Families

Author: JenniferMaster1

12weeks_FRONT_SmallWho hasn’t dealt with the ups and downs of marriage and family life? Inside the family we find our most exquisite joys, but also our most poignant moments of pain and ongoing frustration. It’s so easy to mess up these relationships! Nobody gets a rule book when they walk out of their marriage ceremony and start a family … that is until now!

12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love is the Read more

January 3, 2014

Why I Wrote My Book to Empower Families

Author: JenniferMaster1

ToesiesWhen I began my energy healing practice over four years ago, I quickly realized that childhood issues of anything from small, embarrassing moments to more intense physical or emotional trauma are often carried into adulthood. These incidents cause emotional wounds and create Read more

September 25, 2013

To Spank or Not to Spank?

Author: JenniferMaster1

In my upcoming book for families “12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family”, I discuss the sensitive issue of to spank or not to spank children as a form of discipline. Please watch this touching video and support this cause if you agree with the current research.

Imagine a world where children are raised without violence…Happy family, father, mother, son and daughter

Click Here to Watch Video



October 9, 2012

Book Review – Parenting Solution – The Child Whisperer

Author: JenniferMaster1

Do you ever wish your child came with a manual, or your grandchild or student? Now they do with this amazing new book, The Child Whisperer, from best-selling author, Carol Tuttle. Every day, children are telling you exactly how to parent and guide them. Do you know what they are saying? Read more