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September 6, 2014

3 Reasons Why Anger is Useful

Author: JenniferMaster1

serious/sad jacobReally? Anger can be useful? There may be some benefits to feeling anger, but I’ll stand by my Read more

June 5, 2014

Are False Beliefs Harming You?

Author: JenniferMaster1

False beliefs can cause us to self-sabotage our best efforts to be successful in relationships, finances, careers, and all areas of our lives. In energy work, common terminology may be something like, “These are false beliefs that are not serving your higher good.” Some false beliefs are obvious such as “The moon is made of cheese” or “Money DOES grow on trees.” Others are not so obvious such as “If I’m healthy, I won’t be noticed” or “Being good means putting others needs before your own.” These untrue seed thoughts can be keeping you from the joy and blessings your are seeking in your life. But how do you get rid of them?Thoughtful woman with cloud above her head

Read more

January 6, 2014

New 5-Star Book Empowers Families

Author: JenniferMaster1

12weeks_FRONT_SmallWho hasn’t dealt with the ups and downs of marriage and family life? Inside the family we find our most exquisite joys, but also our most poignant moments of pain and ongoing frustration. It’s so easy to mess up these relationships! Nobody gets a rule book when they walk out of their marriage ceremony and start a family … that is until now!

12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love is the Read more

May 1, 2012

What Are You Afraid Of?

Author: JenniferMaster1

A young man backed into a car in a parking lot causing minor damage. Rather than stay and speak with the owner, he left the scene quickly. Awhile later a police officer found him, and he had to appear in court a few days later and ended up paying a hefty fine.
So of course, the young man should have learned never to leave the scene of an accident, but why did he leave? It was most likely the feeling of fear came into play here. In fact, other feelings can be masks to the feeling of fear. Someone who is angry or even acting very enthusiastic may be trying hard to stuff down that feeling of fear.
An occasional feeling of fear is normal and expected in a life where things can be so random and unpredictable. However, reacting to normal, everyday events with feelings of fear Read more

November 29, 2011

Skills that Lead to Forgiveness

Author: JenniferMaster1

Would you like to have your heart be more open…forgive someone…have more peace in your life? Watch this amazing video for four skills that can lead to forgiveness. Energy healing is a great tool to get you started on this path that eludes so many people who are stuck in their feelings of hurt and despair.

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